Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ogareet Dandash sharing her experience in the Hariri Auditorium

Stephanie Issa

The Interactive Club invited Ms. Ogareet Dandash, a reporter of the New Television, on Tuesday, January 11th at 5pm at the Hariri Auditorium to share her experience which happened during summer 2010, which was to go to Gaza, Palestine, on the "freedom" fleet to cover the incidence that took place through the journey of the "brotherhood ship."

  Dandash stated that they were six people on the boat that left from Tripoli, when they have reached Larnika, the Israeli soldiers started threatening them without attacking them to leave, but they continued. However, when they were close to Gaza, the Israeli soldiers came and took each one of them and put them in a separate room for investigation, Dandash added.  After almost three soldiers investigating at different times, Dandash was taken out of the boat to a car on the land, where in this case she saw Gaza and smelled its air.  Dandash mentioned that she can never forget this experience her life as it was the best and she wishes to return to Palestine again.  "Gaza doesn’t need money, clothes, or food, but it only needs to know that there are still people suppoting its case." Dandash quoted.

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